Amazonite’s powerful and bold energy is personified by the women warriors for which it was named after. This accent, blue-green stone calms the soul through its tempering effect. Wearing jewelry made from amazonite is said to provide your life with harmony and balance.


Red Agate’s warm, redish-orange color is deep and inspiring. It has been called “blood agate” and is associated with positive flow and increased circulation. Not only does wearing red agate contribute to healthy flow of blood but also to the flow of negative energy out of the body.


Tiger’s Eye, like the name suggests, allows you to see everything. Not only does this stone help focus its wearer’s vision and insight but also the mind. Tiger’s eye can be helpful in spiritual advancement and meditation.


Black Obsidian is classified as a stone but is actually the formation that occurs when volcanic lava meets water. It can redirect negativity away from the person wearing it by absorbing negative energy. Thus creating a protective feeling for anyone wearing it.


Malachite is symbolic of all things nature with which it shares its spiritually inviting deep hues of green. Named from a Greek term used to describe a particular type of leaf, it helps the person wearing it become or stay in touch with the more natural side of things.